Sobriety Deserves A Party!

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Sobriety Deserves A Party!

The iconic triangle within a circle was originally a symbol for warding off evil spirits. While the modern meaning of the sobriety symbol is more complex, ultimately the purpose is the same. It’s highly recognizable and powerfully symbolic; the perfect decoration for our sober anniversary celebration.

It’s important to celebrate sobriety milestones. They are hard earned and each one is an accomplishment. We wanted a simple, rustic setting, and chose to make the symbol out of rosemary and eucalyptus branches.

It’s easier than it sounds! Tie the rosemary sprigs together using as many as it takes to make the circle the desired size. Peel the eucalyptus from it’s branch and set those twigs within the circle forming a triangle. That’s it!

September is National Recovery Month, perfect timing for a this type of celebration.

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