I am not alone in the need to air my dirty laundry, and neither are you.

This card line is dedicated to everyone that is affected by addiction and recovery. This certainly isn’t any one person’s disease. When forced to “come clean” about my family’s addiction, I was completely humbled by the response. For years, I had struggled silently, crying myself to sleep, and stalking bars in hopes of saving my loved ones. All the while, the very people I was hiding my stinky laundry from were the same people who confided in me. That they, too, knew someone, loved someone, is related to someone or IS someone struggling with addiction. That’s when the amazingness happened! (Yes, I just made amazingness a word.)

Through the admission, it forced us to talk about the “dirt.” People embraced me and my mission and proved my preconceived notions wrong. They rose to the occasion providing their talent, time and energy to aid Dirty Laundry Designs in getting this card line up and running. Thank you to all of you from the bottom of my heart. I have found that in the end, they really do just love you…dirty laundry and all. And that is magical!