There is a reason people hide their dirty laundry under their beds or piled in a closet, only dealing with it when forced to face it.

And, yes, sometimes it stinks. Having been taught to “never air your dirty laundry,” I resorted to hiding in my shame and embarrassment. Addiction was my family’s “unmentionable.” It was silently suffocating my spirit and literally worrying me sick. Addiction has put my family and me through the wringer. All of us have been affected in various ways. Some have died, some have almost died, some recovering and some still battling.

I’m hanging it out on the line and sharing my story. I am personally vested having had experienced both addiction and recovery within my family. And, yes, both have changed my world. At one point, while I rejoiced in one brother’s sobriety, I stood in the hospital’s ICU unit writing the eulogy of his twin brother placed on life support after a long battle with addiction. It is with joy (and a miracle) that I am happy to say that today we celebrate both my brothers’ recoveries. Thank you for the honor of sharing our photography and designs with you. It is a such a privilege to provide a card line that is artistic, hip, knowledgeable AND inspirational—all the while providing awareness and filling a need that is very dear to our heart. Addiction has put me on the heavy duty cycle, tumbled me on high heat but the dirt stops here. I am cleaning my soul and airing my dirty laundry…and it feels happy, joyous and FREE!

The Photographers

Eventually you find the perfect match. My match came with my husband, John. For years, he has watched me struggle with my family’s addiction and recovery. He has been beyond sympathetic, caring, loving and supportive. Equipped with a killer eye the dude can rock a camera like no other. Together, we have a background in photography, marketing, creative design and art. We started Dirty Laundry Designs based out of a need. We struggled to find artistic, clever, and light greeting cards pertaining to addiction and recovery.

So…we started photographing, designing and sending them! One thing led to another…and here we are. This project continues to speak to our spirits, sheds light on a serious disease and helps break barriers and stigmas associated with addiction and recovery. We strive to take photographs that inspire us so, in turn, we can share them with you. Hope you enjoy the cards as much as we enjoyed creating them! Nice to meet you. The pleasure is ours.