A Little Ditty -To My Brother On His 20th Sober Birthday!

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A Little Ditty -To My Brother On His 20th Sober Birthday!

This week marks my brother’s 20th sober birthday. Yep, that’s right I said it 20 years! I can’t begin to express the pride I feel. But my heart dances with delight. He constantly dedicates himself to maintaining his sobriety and that isn’t always easy. Let’s face it, life has its up and downs, stresses, worry, and disappointments. And sometimes maintaining sobriety takes an incredible amount of time, dedication, and support. But you better believe it, it can, and will be done. And HE is the evidence. I have been thinking about a way to dedicate and parallel something that he loves to his recovery journey. What I came up with… vinyl records.

First track on the record-was one that none of us would like to repeat. His drinking started socially and escalated to full blown addiction. It destroyed him and shook the family to the core. Addiction spins you and the family round and round. More dizzy with every spin. Eventually, you need to yank that sharp needle out of the groove and set it on a better track.

And that is exactly what happened.  However, my brother, was the DJ.  Along with his higher power, he was in control of his life’s venue. And it is HE that chose recovery. Once that happened, the playlist became happier, lighter and a whole lot more groovy.  His foot tapping audience is huge. And it is me rocking out in the front row. And he, shining up there, on center stage. Congratulations on 20 years of sobriety-You may say that I was a dreamer (hoping for your recovery) but I knew I wasn’t the only one.

Peace, Love & Recovery, Your sis

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